ApplicationHelper is not a parent of SomeHelper?

Hi --

i have:

# file application_helper.rb module ApplicationHelper def load_components    @right_sidebar = 'some stuffs' end end

# file user_public/blog_helper.rb module UserPublic::BlogHelper def load_components    ApplicationHelper.load_components    @right_sidebar += '{blog archive}' end end

the problem is, i want to load the ApplicationHelper.load_components method from the BlogHelper.load_components method -- but apperently the application helper is not the root of the blog helper. so how can i access it?

You can use 'super':

   module UserPublic::BlogHelper      def load_components        super        @right_sidebar += '{blog archive}'      end    end

super searches the object's method lookup-path for the next-found method with the same one as the one that's being executed. In this case, it will find the load_components defined in ApplicationHelper.