I am pretty new to RoR - and sometimes I think I still code ASP but
using RoR syntax - when I look at the oder code examples - I feel far
away from "aaaah, I get it!". Most of the time I can't find things in
the Api references - it is a bit complicated to find things here. I also
ask myself why to use classes? My code looks like asp classic :slight_smile: I hope
this will change over the next weeks and month.

I'm coming to this thread late, but I just wanted to add that one the
things that comes up often for us former Microsoft developers, is
translating our old way of thinking about web site programming into the
Rails way. For example, some ASP developers look for an equivalent to
the ASP Application object and think that ApplicationController is the
equivalent, or using global variables are equivalent, but they are not.

So I just wanted to say, don't give up, keep at it, and pretty soon
you'll get that "aaah, I get it!" experience. And once you do, you'll
NEVER want to go back to ASP again. :slight_smile: