Application with dynamically/custom fields

Hi, I’m having trouble to create an application with dynamic fields. Could you guys help me out?
I’m not gonna write everything again, here’s the stack overflow post and a gist with what I got working and what’s not.

The links have the same content:

Thank you!

You’ll want to read up on fields_for, which will help you build the required HTML inputs. I’d also recommend the Railscast on this topic:

Some other general notes on your Gist:

  • has_many associations should be plural. Things will usually work with them named otherwise, but you may encounter odd behavior.

  • the data model doesn’t seem quite right - custom_field_infos should have a contact_id column and a custom_field_id column (to indicate which contact & field this record has data for). It shouldn’t need a user_id column unless there’s something else going on that’s not mentioned in the Gist.

–Matt Jones