Application error with unsupported format requests

Today I got a bunch of error messages with a user probing the login page
for api information using urls like

To me this should be a 404 rather than an application error. However the
route matches the standard rails routing line
map.connect ':controller/:action.:format'
and then fails in the action with a Missing Template error as I don't
have, and never will, a template

I tried explicitly setting the template in the action with
render :template => "login.html.erb" and return
but still get the Missing Template login.wsdl.erb error.

I tried throwing this at a few high profile rails sites like 37signals
or twitter and they don't crash. How can you close this hole?



Are you using rescue_action_in_public in your ApplicationController? You can override Rails' default to render a login page, return a 404, or whatever you prefer.