Application based on an api

Hi all,

I might need your advise on this.

I’ve been working on an web app and I’m wondering how to turn it into a api based application.

What’s the best practice?

imagin I have a articles resource

do I create a articles controller with empty actions, then an api::articles_controller which will take care of the data computations, and then from my views call the api to get the data in json format so I can use angular for example on the frontend?

How would you implemente it?

Thanks for your contribution


API is no different from your regular rails controller / actions. As both respond to a particular request but API doesn’t use sessions. so your currrent_user is created from token, not sessions. for angular as the front end, you dont have to create an api. Your regular routes works fine . If you still want to turn your app into API they you can use grape gem . I will help you set up the boilerplate.