Apnotic, a Ruby APNs HTTP/2 gem able to provide instant feedback.

Just a note to announce that Apnotic, a Ruby APNs HTTP/2 gem able to
provide instant feedback, has now successfully been running in
production for quite some time. You can find the code here:

This gem can easily be used with connection pools and inside of Sidekiq
/ Rescue / ... workers, without the need for an additional dedicated

Why another APN gem?

If you have used the previous Apple Push Notification specifications you
may have noticed that it was hard to know whether a Push Notification
was successful or not. It was a common problem that has been reported
multiple times. In addition, you had to run a separate Feedback service
to retrieve the list of the device tokens that were no longer valid, and
ensure to purge them from your systems.

All of this is solved by using the HTTP-2 APN specifications. Every Push
Notification you make returns a response stating if the Push was
successful or, if not, which problems were encountered. This includes
the case when invalid device tokens are used, hence making it
unnecessary to have a separate Feedback service.

If you'd like to provide some additional feedback I'd be happy to hear
from you.