Anyone know whats going on with PostgreSQL async_exec errors?

Anyone know what's going on with ActiveRecord Edge and 1.2RC1 unit
tests. I get 13 failures from the "async_exec" method call. ie:

  ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: NoMethodError: undefined method
  `async_exec' for #<PGconn:0xb75a8754>: SET client_min_messages TO

Is this a known failure that someone in core is working on or is this
functionality that needs to be fixed/implemented?

I'm not seeing any test failures like that, which db driver are you using?

This is running "rake test_postgresql", so it's using the postgresql db
adapter. Here are the errors I get from running "rake test_postgresql".
I am running Postgresql 8.1.4 with Rails trunk revision 5623.

Sure, but which postgresql driver? There are a bunch of them, and a
bunch of different versions. You should see some output like "Using
native PostgreSQL" when rake kicks off. ruby postgres v 0.7.1 on
tiger is working fine for me.