Any plan to release Rails 6.0.3 to support Ruby 3 keyword arguments?


Since Ruby 2.7 has been released December 2019, Users are getting a lot of deprecation warnings for Ruby 3 keyword arguments.

There have been many changes made to the Rails master branch and most of them have been backported to the 6-0-stable branch, however, Rails 6.0.2 does not have these backport then users who want to run Rails 6.0.x with Ruby 2.7 will get a lot of deprecation warnings for Ruby 3 keyword arguments.

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I am also interested in this!

During the last few years I somehow got the (very personal) feeling that there has been put less love into the rails maintenance (backport of fixes, documenting breaking changes…), thus I am not so optimistic about this.
But would be nice to see the latest rails at least fully “support” the latest version of ruby without deprecation warnings.

This thread is interesting.
Ruby 2.7 has an option to suppress deprecation warnings using RUBYOPT = -W: no-deprecated.
However, this option sacrifice the opportunity to know in advance about warnings that will be breaking changes in Ruby 3. I think it’s still a mystery what could happen to Rails application layer using Ruby 2.7 in the real-world applications.

I think Ruby 2.7 is the transition version to Ruby 3. We have 8 months left to prepare for Rails application layer to transition when Ruby 3 is released. I hope users can make a smooth transition to Ruby 3 with Rails. Thank you.


Thank you fo releasing Rails 6.0.3.rc1.