Any news on JRuby?

Steve Keener wrote:

I saw a post on some board a while ago and wanted to know if anybody had
heard anything about the current state of JRuby? Some folks on
technical governance board at work were asking about it.

Last I heard was that maybe 80% of Rails 1.1 was working. Or am I


Keep an eye on Charles Nutter's blog:

JRuby seems to be making good progress, and both Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo, the lead developers, are now employed by Sun to work full time on it.

Rails on JRuby is basically working (I think it's very slow in development mode but tolerable in production mode) - it was demonstrable at RailsConf Europe back in mid-September. I know that having full Rails functionality is regarded as a criterion for reaching version 1.0 of JRuby, so that's a milestone to watch for.

If your organisation is using Java/Spring/Hibernate you might also find Groovy and Grails interesting:


   Justin Forder