any love for daylight savings time?

Now that we've just gone thru DST, any love for this ticket (with
patch and tests) for the Time extensions and handling DST?

If I understand the comments in the ticket correctly, the previous fix
applied to "next_week" is incomplete, and a couple other ActiveSupport
extensions need to fixed for DST as well.

(I didn't write the patch, just came upon it from a thread in
ruby-talk by someone whose data was messed by this)

- Rob

Imho, the better way to handle this is tzinfo, because it includes
historical time zones and works peachy with unixen. Last I checked,
rails was missing several of the 39 time zones.

This isn't really about the TimeZone versus other time zone solutions,
its just about using 3.days.ago and things like that.

I see that Jeremy has applied the fixes here:


- Rob