Any Flash/ SilverLight Flex Equivalent for ROR?

I was wondering if there are any equivalents to flash/silverlight or flex (would ajax be an equivalent?) for ROR? for creating RIAs?

Microsoft just released

Mike Gunderloy

I am toying with XUL frontend for rails.

I wrote a short tutorial on using Flex to give a Flash front-end to Ruby On Rails here:

best wishes Huw

SapphireSteel Software Ruby and Rails In Visual Studio

Do we have to buy this ruby in steel ?

I would like to have the ability to work with flex/flash without having to pay money for it please. I can look into silverline (silverlight port to ruby on rails) because its free but I dont know about paying money for this ...

Is there an (open source or) free alternative out there?

Huw Collingbourne wrote: