ANN: RubyHACK CFP Closing Soon

We’re gearing up for our third annual Ruby Developer Conference: RubyHACK 2019. Our theme this year is “Leveling Up”: presenting materials and opportunities to help developers of all levels (newbie to senior) hone their craft. CFP submissions will close at the end of December which is fast approaching.

While many of our speakers have presented at RailsConf, RubyConf and other prestigious developer events, we strive to create an environment which is safe for new presenters to get started on stage. RubyHACK has featured speakers who are innovators in Ruby and the engineering community in general. We’re looking for you!


  • Free Admission to RubyHACK 2019
  • Speaker dinner with the organizers on the night before the event
  • RubyHACK will pay for flight and hotel for the speakers traveling from out of town during the event. Some speakers elect to arrive early or stay late to do touristy things in the beautiful Utah area (skiing, hiking etc - we have a lot to do here) which can be arranged with our travel agent. Speakers pay the difference on the hotel charges when extending their stay.
  • Great exposure: many of our speakers are now speaking at other large conferences like RubyConf etc.
  • Opportunity for beginning speakers to get on stage. Our attendees are very open and supportive.
    We are looking for submissions that appeal to all experience levels and cover any subject matter relevant to today’s Ruby developers including testing, DevOps, Javascript, Security, API development, Ruby language particulars, tips/tricks, how to keep balance in your life… If it is interesting to you, we’d like to hear about it and consider it for this year’s event.

Our event is only as good as the presentations we deliver and that is up to you! CFPs will close by 1/1/2019 so don’t put it off. Go to and tell us about your idea. Submit more than one if you like! Matz will be our keynote speaker this year so an added benefit will be to rub elbows with him at dinner the night before the event!

The High Altitude Coding Konference Mission is to inform, assist, and educate interested individuals who view, or would like to view, software engineering as their craft. HACK desires to enhance the education of members in the programming community. We also desire to provide assistance to other organizations engaged in training and educating disadvantaged, marginalized, or disenfranchised individuals within communities that have traditionally been shut out from opportunities in computer programming, designing, and languages.