ANN: Arti 0.1.1 - mechanized documentation for Rails

I am pleased to announce the release of version 0.1.1 of Arti, a toolkit for mechanized documentation for Rails. Arti can be used in either "merged" or "remote" mode. In either case, it analyzes the source code of a Rails application, generating:

  * pretty-printed source code listings

  * Graphviz-based diagrams of file usage

  * RDoc-based documentation pages

  * statistics on lines of code, etc.

The results are then made available as Rails pages. Although it's very early days for this project, I think that it shows promise. So, I'm looking for candidates of target Rails apps, and folks who are willing to download and try it out.

To get a quick look at Arti's capabilities, visit

which uses Arti on a copy of the Mephisto weblog engine. To get a quick look at Arti's own code and organization, see

which uses Arti on itself!

Finally, the main Arti URL is