an external API wants to call our action with a param of action=


"Convention over Configuration" rules, right? Especially when you indeed have the option to configure, when you need to, right?

An affiliate of ours needs to send us a param query with 'action=' in it.

This confuses our router, and it attempts to call our action!

Yes we will ask the affiliate to change the query parameter name.

Until then, is there some hook we can call - before routes.rb - to rename this parameter before Rails proper sees it?

(Fiddling with Apache's rewriter module, just for a dumb param, sounds icky!)

Greg Donald wrote:

Obviously this was not a material, because philip asked about another way than apache.
But Insult may not be the best solution.

I’ve been following this group for a couple of weeks now and that’s the first time i see such thing… :frowning:

No problem.