Amazon API in Rails

Ok, I am a big time rails noob and I need to pull some products dynamically from amazon. I have done it before with Zend’s PHP framework, but im so lost with ruby and rails.

I have seen and tried to get a couple things going. Like

I just need a good tutorial on how to set it up. Everything I find seems to assume I know something. Well thanks to any help.

It’s probably a good idea to get a feeling for Ruby and Rails using some of the standard tutorials. The Agile Web Development book is a usual first step, but there are other books and numerous tutorials on the web.

To get started (presuming you have a development key and associates ID), put the ruby-amazon files in your lib folder, then load up script/console and type:

require ‘amazon/search.rb’

include Amazon::Search

req =, associates_id)

result = req.asin_search(‘097669400X’)

You might also like to look at my loads_from_amazon plugin: