Am I crazy?

Brian Ablaza wrote the following on 03.05.2007 00:37 :

I swear this worked yesterday, but doesn't work today.

I have a method in application.rb:

def img_types
     ["jpeg", "tiff", "gif", "eps"]

This is called from various controllers, e.g.,

if f.type in img_types

Shouldn't that work?

Well, today it doesn't. I changed it to

img_types = ["jpeg", "tiff", "gif", "eps"]

No go. The only thing that works is

$IMG_TYPES =["jpeg", "tiff", "gif", "eps"]

Then I can say

if f.type in $IMG_TYPES

...but I didn't have to do that yesterday.

Shouldn't I be able to call the global method to return the array?

Am I crazy?
These image types should probably linked with a class. You probably have
an Image class or something like it with an attribute which should be
included in these values. The proper way to code this should be to have :

class Image
    VALID_TYPES = [ "jpeg", "tiff", "gif", "eps"]

Then when you need to check a value, you'll have to do:

Image::VALID_TYPES.include? value

If for example your Image class is derived from ActiveRecord::Base with
a image_type, you'll probably want something like:

class Image < ActiveRecord::Base
    VALID_TYPES = [ "jpeg", "tiff", "gif", "eps"]

    validates_inclusion_of :image_type, VALID_TYPES

VALID_TYPES is a constant defined in the Image class, in the Image
context you can use "VALID_TYPES", in another context you need the
"Image::VALID_TYPES" syntax to enforce the proper context.