Ajax Problems

Hello everyone,
I've been pulling my hair out the last two days about what should be a
really really simple fix for a website I'm upgrading. After recently
upgrading it to Rails 2.1 I decided to start putting some ajax in with
simple link_to_remote functions.

After throwing all the ajax together (I basically just copied and
pasted off another one of my projects) I found the ajax would not
execute at all giving me the only following error in firebug:
reference to undefined property responder[callback]

Here is my current link_to_remote function:
<%= link_to_remote "aa", :url =>
remove_company_admin_advertisement_url(company.id), :confirm => "Are
you sure you want to delete this category?" %>

As you can see it's simple enough, you can't really go that wrong with
this function, however for some reason I have found it's executing in
every other browser other than Firefox, here's a copied of the
rendered html:
<a href="#" onclick="if (confirm('Are you sure you want to delete this
category?')) { new Ajax.Request('http://asmmag.localhost/admin/
advertisements/7/remove_company', {asynchronous:true,
evalScripts:true}); }; return false;">aa</a>

Now if I just copy this code and paste the pre-rendered html into the
file and hit refresh it all loads fine, this one really really has me
stumped does anyone have any ideas? I've already played around with
the version of prototype, checked pages validate and stripped down all
of the other html code to prevent any chance of interference.

Anyway thanks for your time,

Try looking at FF's javascript.options.strict option.