ajax pagination and RJS

Hi   I have view code like(The view is completely inside div view_sd_attachment) <%= will_paginate @sd_attachments, :remote => { :url=>{:action=>'sd_attachment_pagination',:id=>@sd_ticket} }, :renderer => 'RemoteLinkRenderer' %>

And in action 'sd_attachment_pagination' the code as below

def sd_attachment_pagination

@sd_ticket=ServiceDeskTicket.find(params[:id]) @sd_attachments=@sd_ticket.service_desk_attachments.display_sd_attachments(params[:page])


And I wrote a corresoponding sd_attachment_pagination.rjs as page[:view_sd_attachment].replace_html :partial => 'service_desk_part/view_sd_attachment_details'

But the div is not replaced.But the data is printed on background and all.Why the div is not replaced

Thanks in advance Sijo