Ajax Confusion

Ok, there's two versions to this question, the short one and the long

Short Version: Is there anything special you have to do to get Ajax to
work in Rails on IE that you don't have to do to get it work in FF?

Long Version: I have a form on which you can list contacts for an
account. The idea is to do it in Ajax. They click "Add new contact", a
form appears above the "Add new contact" link where you can input the
contact information. I have tested this in IE 6 and FF It
works correctly in FF, but clicking the link in IE 6 does not do
anything. No error, no form, no nothing. Anybody encountered anything
like this before? My google-fu turned up an error about updating
tables, but I'm using divs, not a table so that shouldn't be an issue,

Realized I had some missing information. This rails app is running on
Instant Rails 1.7. Here is the code snippet from the view calling the

<div id="newcontact">
<%= link_to_remote( "Create new contact",
:update => 'newcontact',
:url => { :action => :new, :controller => 'contact' },
:position => 'before' ) %>

Not sure why it wouldn't work in IE, but I'm wondering if you need Ajax
at all. Instead of link_to_remote, you could use link_to_function and
avoid the trip to the server just to display a form. You'll either need
to a hidden div that contains the form (which is displayed when the link
is clicked) or "build" the DOM elements using the Prototype builder.