Ajax call from CalendarDateSelect

Hi all,
    I am new to Rails platform. I was working with ruby and now with
ajax based functionalities.I am struggling with an issue for past two
days. If anyone could help me, it will be very supportive.

   I have a form which has two select_tags and one Calendar_date_select.

I installed the plugin calendar_date_select. It is working fine with all

But my requirement is that when a date is selected, it has to trigger an
action in the controller named reports_by_all.

I have all these three fields in a form_remote_tag and am using the
observe_form to trigger the reports_by_all action.

When the select_tags are changed, the action is triggered but when date
is changed in the Calendar_date_select_tag, it is not triggering the
action in the controller. I tried to use remote_function but it didn't

Can any one help me in this regard. I had been googling for nearly two
days. But i couldn't solve the issue.Kindly please anyone help me.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

Kindly help me.