after_render filter

I've had issues recently while dealing with the around_filter. For
some reason, I expected the after_filter to be called after the view
was rendered, however this is not the case and it gets called after
the action but before the view is rendered.

In my case, I want to get the user locale before the action is called,
render the action and then reset the locale to its default state.
Nothing complicated in theory, however I don't see how to do it.

The translation is rendered by the view by using the globalite plugin

    <%= :welcome.localize %>

The localization is done using a locale, I wish I could set this
locale before the rendering and reset it after the action is rendered.
Now the only solution I found was to do the following:

<%= :welcome.localize_in(fr-FR) %>

This is kind of clumsy since I need to modify the plugin for that, and
for each translation call needs to pass the locale.

I obviously need to put the locale in a variable defined by a

I guess, or we modify the after/around filters or we add before_render
and after_render filters.

What do you think? (or did I miss something? )