After_create? rails 2.3.5

hi, I want to run a method after a new record is created.
But after_create in rails 2.3.5 is not co-operating, it’s asking me to use after_action. But I think after_action is triggered on most events.

I guess I can create a new method and put it in the private section and call it the def create method.

With all respect I would strongly recommend to consider upgrading your Rails app so you can get the most relevant suggestions for your problems. Otherwise, at least personally, I’m struggling to navigate the docs trying to see what was the behavior and available methods in Rails 2 :confused:


yes, i know this is a business app.

anyways, i did create a method that is called from both create and update. Seems to be working out ok.

It’s been a while but I think you need to do after_action :create do …