Advice needed on RoR, Media Temple, Plesk, hosting

Does anyone have any advice on hosting a RoR app on Media Temple DV3
server running plesk. Pros or Cons. This is my first deployment of a
RoR app so I am a newb and am a bit nervous getting a RoR app running
on the same machine that I have about 30 other small websites running
on. Any advice on performance, deployment or conflicts would be
greatly appreciated.

Any opinions on Media Temple's hosting in regards to RoR..... support,
etc... Would you recommend any other host??


Have you ever looked into hosting through a Virtual Private Server
(VPS). It's "virtual" because you have complete root access to a
server that is only visible to you. The nice thing about this setup
is that you can grow or shrink the size of your server and your
website grows. I've been using for my VPS
hosting needs. I only spend $40 / month for the "Large" plan (512mb
ram, 20gb storage), but it can grow it as my website gets more
traffic. It only took a few minutes to get setup.