advanced problem after deployment. help please

i have deployed my app with capistrano and everything works fine ..
apart from that my application does not load my classes somehow. i am
trying to figure out the problem for couple of days now but i have no
clou ... on dev environment everything is working fine. i really
appreciate every help cause i am stuck..

rails 2.0.1 (with rails 1.2.6 the same happend)
mongrel cluster
ubuntu linux

here is the error i get

NameError in Home#index

Showing layouts/default.rhtml where line #24 raised:

uninitialized constant ActionView::Base::CompiledTemplates::Q2

Where is Q2 defined ?


Q2 is my own class located in /app/models/Q2.rb

the content of it is

class Q2
   'AT' => 'Österreich',
   'DE' => 'Deutschland',
   'CH' => 'Schweiz'

on my development machine this class is loaded fine. everything is
on the development machine ... i have no clue how to find this bug.
i owe you a beer for your help :wink:

Change your filename to q2.rb
I'll bet a beer that your development machine has a non case sensitive
filesystem whereas your servers do have case sensitive filesystems


hey fred i do really owe you a beer or even two!!!!! it works .. thanks
a lot for spending your time with this ...

conclusion: all my files should be lower case?

As far as the rails conventions go, it's lowercase all the way