[ADV] The Rails Edge Conference

We hope you'll join us for The Rails Edge conference coming to Chicago on August 23-25. This is the third running of this conference, put on by the same folks who run the Pragmatic Studio Rails and Ruby training events.

We have another great lineup of speakers for you to enjoy:

* Dave Thomas, author of "Agile Web Development with Rails" and "Programming Ruby" * Chad Fower, author of "Rails Recipes" and co-founder of Ruby Central, Inc. * Jim Weirich, creator of Rake, RubyGems, and other software you probably use daily * Marcel Molina Jr., a member of the Rails core team * Ezra Zygmuntowicz, co-founder of EngineYard and author of the upcoming Rails Deployment book * Stuart Halloway, co-author of "Rails for Java Programmers" and co-creator of the Streamlined framework * Justin Gehtland, co-author of "Rails for Java Programmers" and co-creator of the Streamlined framework * David Chelimsky, lead developer of RSpec since August 2006 * Mike Mangino, resident expert on REST and testing at Elevated Rails

All of these speakers are available each day of the conference, so come get your questions answered!

Throughout this single-track conference you'll keep up to date on timely topics including:

* Metaprogramming Ruby * REST * Active Resource * Test-Driven Development * RSpec * Rails Deployment * JRuby * Writing Domain-Specific Languages * Ajax and RJS * Domain-Driven Design in Ruby * Refactoring Rails Applications

Still wondering why you should attend? Check out some of the reviews from folks who attended previous Rails Edge conferences:

http://blog.dangdev.com/2007/1/29/the-rails-edge/ http://www.mslater.com/2006/11/21/the-latest-on-ruby-on-rails http://www.luisdelarosa.com/2007/01/26/rails-edge-reston-day-1/

Both of the previous Rails Edge conferences sold out quickly, so reserve your seat and save $100 by registering before July 1st.

Visit http://therailsedge.com for registration details.

Thanks for your continued support!