[ADV] One week left on the Ruby Hoedown CFP!

Hello all,
You've got just about a week left to get your proposals in for a talk
at the Ruby Hoedown, the South's regional Ruby conference. You can
find any information you need here:


Speakers will receive free admission and an as of yet undetermined
honorarium of some sort (and dinner the night before the conference!
You can't deny free food!). If you have any questions, feel free to
contact via e-mail here or off-list.

Jeremy and the rest of the Ruby Hoedown Crew

Nothing like the word "Hoedown" to reinforce that southern hick stereotype

At least I avoided "ain't," "y'all," "you'ns," "thar," and
"granpappy," among others.

Personally, I like conference names that betray the personality or
flavor of the conference rather than something like "Ruby Conference
Happening in the Southeast Region." :slight_smile:


Although hoedown actually has much more of a western than southeastern

Wikipedia cites Kansas as the site of the first mention of the term,
and the most famous hoedown is from Copland's Rodeo, it's the tune
used in that "Beef, it's what's for Dinner" ad campaign.

Ruby Rebellion, or Ruby Confederacy might be more appropriate albeit
probably less PC.