Additional Ruby on Rails tutorials

I’ve gone through Michael Hartl’s, and I’m currently revisiting it. In fact, I use it as a resource for developing apps (especially in the early stages).

I will also go through the tutorial.

Are there additional Ruby on Rails tutorials I should go through? I ask, because not everyone does things the same way, and each tutorial is likely to cover something that other tutorials do not. (For example, relies entirely on RSpec testing, but I understand that testing can be done without RSpec.)


Have you tried this


OK, some other tutorials I’ve found out about are: (free) ($19)

Kudzai, Pragmatic Studio sounds great, but it’s far more expensive than the others. Thus, I consider the free and cheaper tutorials to be higher priorities. I may still try the Pragmatic Studio tutorials later.

I saw these recommendations from Quora, but haven’t used any of them: