Additional parameter for nested resources


I'm working with rails 2.1.0 and with nested resources.

My links i generate with the following helper:

link_to, [@country, @state]

Everything works fine and the urls are correctly generated.

But now I'd like to add an additional parameter to the url like:

The additional parameter will only be used for filtering in the show
action, so I don't want to add a new nested route.

How can I generate an URL with such a parameter? I did not find any
solution to this problem...

Thanks very much for your help!

url_for, [@country, @state], :category => 2

will do the trick

But url_for expects only one parameter ... Do I have the wrong rails


Yes, It take only 1 argument, but, if you use

link_to, country_state_path(@country, @state, :catergory => 2)

thats seems to work (a bit tested this time :slight_smile: ) but it is a bit longer.

hope it will work

That really works, thanks! Unfortunately I'd like to use the link_to
helper with the array notation [@country, @state], because the
resource is polymorphic.

With link_to(, [@country, @state], :catergory => 2),
catgory is added as an attribute to the HTML link-tag.

Do you have an other idea? A workaround would be to write a new
link_to helper...


last idea... take a look at polymprphic_url, and polymorphic_path