adding pictures to an object that hasn't been saved yet?

I see on craigslist or ebay we can add pictures before submitting a post or auction On ebay you can’t submit an auction without at least one image So how would I let my users add images to something that hasn’t been saved yet?

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Can I ask you a question Fugee? First allow me to make a point. You have been posting here for over three years I think. When someone starts using Rails then obviously they may well be asking a number of questions and that is what this list is for. Typically after a few months experience I would expect to see members starting to answer questions from those less experienced than themselves as well as still asking questions about more complex issues. After a year I would expect the contributions to be mostly helping others with only occasional questions of their own, and after three years I would expect to see 99% of the contributions being helping others and 1% asking questions. That is how a list like this survives, newbies and less experienced members getting help from more experienced members, and over a period of time as they gain experience themselves they repay the help from the community by providing help themselves.

So my question is, in the last year how many times have you provided help to others here and how many times have you asked for help for yourself?


To answer my own question I decided to let the first image be an attachment to the savable object and additional pictures will instances of Picture

You recently had to point out to me that I was answering a question that was very old If I see something I know the answer to I provide help, yes

There just aren’t enough newb questions for me to answer Most questions are either over my head or just not things I’ve already done

Hi, I’m a newbie to Rails but I have completed Micheal Hartls Tutorial on Ruby on Rails and have several websites. Micheal Hartls tutorial uses microposts which include texts and or a picture which is then saved into Database.

The ability to add pictures at the start or later depends not only on how you set up the Database but also the pages responsible for getting and adding data to the Database.

Before you build any website you need to plan what and how that website does things. Failure to do so results in time consuming rebuilds if you want to extend anything you want your website to do.

I agree if you are an experienced Rails programming you should be giving back more than you get. That is how you get more developers using Ruby on Rails

Cheers Dave