Adding a bit of ajax to rails question

Hi, I just started playing to add some ajax to my RoR application.
works.. but something weird is going on that is most problably a newbee error than anything else.
I have this code in one of my views..
<div id="list_jids">
<%= link_to_remote( "click here to show your jid's",
                  :update => "list_jids",
                  :url =>{ :controller => 'xmpp', :action => 'listadmin', :id => } ) %>

when I click the link "click here to show your jid's"
it shows the jid's but it loads all my menus again like basically reading my application.rhtml file
again instead of just showing the information pulled from my xmpp controller..
Any ideas on how to clean the results so it loads the results not the whole page inside the page again?


render with
render :layout => false

exactly :slight_smile:

*render :layout=> false*

at end of action in controller

Hi... I was all excited to try this after work.. got home and nothing..
I still have the same issue... I added what you guys suggested to this:
<%= render :layout => false, :partial => 'list', :collection => @xmppr %>

and I still get the whole page in.. :frowning:

alexey.Creopolis wrote:

that render :layout => false goes at the end of the controller method.