Added more support to ActionView::Base.erb_variable

If we change ActionView::Base.erb_variable, cache_fragment doesn't work and some javascript functions also, because they are checking for the existence of '_erbout' instead of the variable set in erb_variable.

It's just a small patch, that fix javascript functions and send erb_variable to

I also added the line below in fragment cache tests setup to assure that they are working with any variable set:

ActionView::Base.erb_variable = '_buf'

Patch here:

I am curious to know why you need to change the value of ActionView::Base.erb_variable ? I'm more inclined towards removing that configuration option altogether.

I'm using it with Erubis and it's very handy!

If the point is accept many template handlers, that flexibility is needed. Otherwise I would need to hack any new template installed.

Fair enough.

Cannot apply the patch as I'm gettin about 25 actionpack test failures/errors :slight_smile:

This is strange, I wasn't probably running all tests. I will take a deeper look into it!

Oh crap! =P I forget to set a teardown in caching_test.rb, at the end of the file.

  def teardown     ActionView::Base.erb_variable = '_erbout'   end

I've attached another file in Lighthouse. =)