acts_as_tree edit view?

How would I make an acts_as_tree (or acts_as_nested_set) model editable? Anyone know any nifty rjs in-place tree editor? Or a treeview js widget that is editable (and is or can be integrated into Rails)?

Thanks, - Mark.

I use this drag and drop editor: Sadly the wiki for this software seems to get defaced regularly - but right now that page is still showing non-spam content.


here is something I knocked up the other day. It allows navigation and editing all on one screen, using ajax to do the updates and navigate the select list. My plan is to integrate it into a redBox popup for product categories. You may find some of it useful. The select list part could be used in isolation for allocating the category and the edit/add/delete fields included when editing categories. this is still in early form, and there is room for improvement. Perhaps it needs to be better crudded. But it works as an example of a possible solution. Table has id, parent_id and name fields. I havn't added sort to it yet, but I probably will. For clarity and brevity, I have removed the css formatting stuff that makes it pretty, but you will get the idea.