acts_as_taggable with single-table inheritance?

Martin Longo wrote:

Does anyone have any experience making this work? I installed the
plugin and tried the following:

class SomeClass < ActiveRecord::Base

class SubClass1 < SomeClass

class SubClass2 < SomeClass


and notice that taggable_type = SomeClass

when I do SubClass2.find_tagged_with("tag") a SubClass1 object is

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Yeah, it has issues. The STI mechanism will force the 'class' column
to be 'SomeClass' even if it is actually a subclass of that.

I had to do some nasty hackery to get around that. It involved adding
another column that stored the classname of the object. It's messy,
and untested, so I would be hesitant about sharing it.

You can get around this by doing this...

SubClass.find_tagged_with("tag").delete_if {|x| !x.kind_of? SubClass1 }