acts_as_taggable plugin

Needing to search my tags with multiple words sent to the controller from a form helper. This works if I only use one param - like this: @cameras = Camera.find_tagged_with(@tag) But if I run this: @cameras = Camera.find_tagged_with(:any => @tag) then I get nothing returned, even if @tag=params[:camera][:gps]

It seems like the :any => action isn't working? Please find my full controller script below

    def findcamera       if         res = params[:camera][:resolution]         brd = params[:brand][:brand]         @tag = params[:camera][:gps], params[:camera][:sturdy], params[:camera][:macro], params[:camera][:stylish]         @cameras = Camera.find_tagged_with (:any => @tag, :separator => ",", :conditions => ["resolution=? AND brand=?", res, brd])       end     end

Hello, Does anyone have any clues about this one???

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