acts_as_state_machine: SecurityError calling insecure method

(also posted on rails forum:, then I discovered this
lilst and there are many more people...)

Hi, since yesterday I suddenly recieve lots of such messages in my
logfiles - and everything in the user model that uses that plugin fails!

My deployed Rails code hasn't changeed in 5 days, and those errors
started to appear only a day ago. I'm at a loss to explain it!

What could it mean? Thanks!!!

PS: I checked my logs. No one was logged in (this is not meant to be a
"hacker detection", it just means neither I nor my co-workers deployed
or changed anything), no updates of anything were installed (the rails
app or system packages). I got the first error a day ago, so I can
pinpoint the time pretty well. I just did a fresh deploy (using
capistrano), tried and did not get an error in those places that had
them. Very, very, very strange - problem is, I don't really know what
that error even means. Not even after seeing the place in the ruby
source code where it's raised (while searching the web for this error
message). Also, there seem to be precious little other webpages/messages
to find when searching for this error (at least none that seem relevant,
and the only one that DID look similar didn't have responses).

I ran into a similar problem with acts_as_state_machine. All of a
sudden, running a transition action resulted in a SecurityError
exception with the message "calling an insecure method: <name of the
transition action>". I changed the definition of
run_transition_action in the acts_as_state_machine.rb file to be:

        def run_transition_action(action)
         Symbol === action ? self.method(action) :

and it seems to solve the immediate problem for now.