acts_as_paranoid: has_one_paranoid

Hi all,

Ran in to a problem with AR::B#find(:include) and acts_as_paranoid,
well described here:

So I whipped up this thing, which seems to work for me:

module ActiveRecord
  class Base
    def self.has_one_paranoid(*args)
      ref = create_has_one_reflection *args
      cond = args.last[:conditions]
      cond = cond.blank? ? '' : cond + ' AND'
      cond << " (#{ref.table_name}.deleted_at IS NULL OR
#{ref.table_name}.deleted_at > '#{}')"
      args.last[:conditions] = cond
      has_one *args

I have two questions about it: 1) where's a good place to post it to
get it into trunk, rubyforge's tracker didn't seem too lively. 2) are
there any spots where I should be doing it differently? I'm not
familiar with AR's best practices.