acts_as_list - new items

Hello all,

I'm using acts_as_list for an application, and is mostly working fine,
however I seem to have come across a problem.

If I use the following method -

  def add_month

    @client = Client.find(params[:id])

    @client_months = ClientMonth.find_all_by_client_id(params[:id])

    render :text => "#{}"

what I am doing is creating a new item, which should place it at the
bottom of the list and then I want to move the first item in the list
to the end. The code seems to be working, however the render :text line
seems to be showing the item I added to the list as being the last
item, rather than the item I subsequently moved to the bottom, which is
what I expected it to return.

Does anyone have any suggestions why this might be happening?