ActiveStorage: Should VariantWithRecord use a key that's derivative of the original blob?

It looks like ActiveStorage::Variant uses the following key, which is derivative of the original blob’s key.

def key

However, ActiveStorage::VariantWithRecord’s key has no reference at all to the original blob’s key.

Given that custom keys for the original blob were made available in this commit Allow providing a custom key per blob · rails/rails@4dba136 · GitHub, should VariantWithRecord ‘respect’ any prefixing/namespacing that might have been used in the original blob’s key?

For example, if my blob key has been customized to be company2/attachments/myblob.jpeg, should it follow that any variants should also be located somewhere within company2/attachments rather than having completely random keys that live entirely in the root “path”? E.g. would company2/attachments/myblob.jpeg/variants/[variant_hash] be more desirable as the key than simply [randomkey]?