ActiveStorage logging is excessive

When using ActiveStorage, the logs can be quite excessive - especially if you’re rendering many images on a page.

It’s annoying enough that I’ve set up a custom log formatter which filters out messages from ActiveStorage from the logs. I compared logs for a given index page in my app (with 15 images on it) with that logger enabled and without it enabled. The difference is pretty huge, 55 lines vs. 296 lines! (the custom logger comes from the accepted answer to this Stack Overflow question about how to silence ActiveStorage’s logging)

I’ve created a Gist showing the logs with and without the custom logger for comparison purposes. There’s a lot of noise created by ActiveStorage images when using the default logging setup, and it makes finding relevant logs really frustrating when developing your app.

Essentially, what I’d like to see is a simple config (maybe even enabled by default) that would condense ActiveStorage’s logging down to one line per file.

Thank you for this “May of WTFs” initiative! :slight_smile:


Same here, I find ActiveStorage very noisy. Currently I have this in my lograge config:

  config.lograge.ignore_actions = %w(