ActiveStorage::Attachment signed_id returning id of a blob

Hi, I’m not sure if this is expected behavior but I tried accessing signed_id of an attachment. This is the ID I have returned in a view just by calling

> attachment.signed_id
=> "id_one"

But when I tried to find it using find_signed method inherited from ActiveStorage::Blob it didn’t work.

> ActiveStorage::Attachment.find_signed('id_one')
=> nil

Now, when I tried below it returned a blob associated to this signed_id.

> ActiveStorage::Blob.find_signed('id_one')

I tried to dig into the code but I’m still too fresh into Rails to understand and fix that as I think it should be returning signed_id for attachment, but please correct me if I’m wrong. In my case it’s very useful as I’ve added additional fields to ActiveStorage::Attachment for example title etc.

Please ignore that topic, as it’s a duplicate of Signed id for attachment points to the Blob id - #6 by marelons1337, already flagged.