activescaffold vs streamlined vs ?


I'm exploring options for a new app we're developing that requires display of a lot of sortable/searchable tables with content that differs based on who is logged in, their permissions, etc.

Some pages will have multiple tables. Data may have relationships. In- place editing is nice but not required.

(I'll handle user authentication and permissions separately. What I'm evaluating now is the display and user control of the data tables).

I've installed and experimented with ActiveScaffold and Streamlined plugins. To my limited experience, they both seem similarly capable for this. Or are they? How would you compare the two? and/or recommend I consider another.


a little info:

Thanks for that link. I know that Streamlined (and ActiveScaffold) started out as "fancy" admin interfaces but I believe both have evolved to be used as front- facing user interfaces, especially when model views are in a tabular format. Would you agree?

Has anyone else here used either or both, who could share additional comments? thx

Anybody have an opinion on this? Which of the two: Activescaffold or Streamlined is preferable and why?

We reviewed both for quite awhile. Of the two, streamlined is more advanced and customizable. In the end we went with a custom admin interface. While streamlined is pretty configurable, it is still limiting in some situations. In the time it takes to research and configure streamlined, you could probably roll your own...

~)o gustin

Interesting. From what I could discern on the forums, ActiveScaffold is the more mature and preferred, although Streamlined is making headway. I also looked closely at the size of their communities and the message traffic. Both seem to be solid projects here to stay. Yitzhak