ActiveResource with a Database??

To start off, I don't know if this is unorthodox, or if someone has had
to implement something similar. I've searched all over Google and don't
really a see a good solution for what I'm trying to do.

Basically I created my own plugin that subclasses ActiveResource so that
I can consume non-REST URIs and get back XML. That's easy, there are
lots of exmaples online of how to do that. Basically, I then use a gem
called happymapper to bind the XML to Ruby objects. Again, this works
very easily as well. Now here's where I'm stuck. I want to persist the
Ruby object to a local database so that I don't have to go out and get
it again. I had a thought of using the save method from ActiveRecord
since all the DB plumbing is built in, but I'm a little bit at a loss as
to how I can call ActiveRecords's save method from a subclass of
ActiveResource as Ruby doesn't allow multiple inheritance.

Has anyone else needed to use ActiveResource to extract data, and then
come up with a method to persist that data to a local DB? Using the
ActiveResource save method will attempt to POST it back to the place
where I got it, and it's a read-only resource.

Thanks for your help everyone!


Depending on the object, serializing (either to YAML or Marshal
format) might work. Then you'd just store the whole serialized object
(now basically a BLOB) to the DB.

Not sure how well ActiveResource plays with serialization, but it's
worth a try.

--Matt Jones