ActiveResource and XML-issues


I have a strange problem with ActiveResources:

When ActiveResource parses the following XML, it throws a RuntimeError
and displays the following Error-message:
"can't typecast " units.xsd""

the xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<units type="array"
xsi:schemaLocation=" units.xsd"

When I remove the "xsi:schemaLocation"-attribute it works like it

I found the Rails-changeset where this message ("can't typecast...")
was introduced, but that did not help me. (

Does anyone know if the "xsi:schemaLocation"-attribute means something
special to ActiveResource?

Thanks for any help and greetings,
- dominik

PS: I need this attribute for (pre-Rails) validation and so this is
not a good solution! :wink:

Rails can't deserialize xml with namespaces. See: