ActiveResource and (polymorphic) associations


I'm just playing with ActiveResource and I did'nt find anything about
the support of (polymorphic) associations.
Is there a support at all?

Thanks in advance

Ryan Bigg, i think that you commit a mistake. The original thread speak about
ActiveResource and not about ActiveRecord!!!

I found a old thread speaking about this on:–associations-support-in-ActiveResource–to7449910.html

@Everton: Thanks for the link.
I have similar models as described there and the error message is the
Seems that there is no simple solution to this problem...

I recently wrote a restful app with polymorphic associations.
The ResourceController plugin was of great help to me:

Ohh, very, very, very nice plugin!!!

Until today, i wrote polymorphic code to overwrite helpers and set scope by hand (using before and around filters, etc).

:smiley: Thanks!!!