ActiveResource 3.0.1 drops attributes in array structure


I am trying to create an ActiveResource model from a REST API with a
XML structure as follows:

    <element name="title" >Dragon Stories</element>
    <element name="lang" >en</element>
    <element name="region" >UK</element>

The ActiveResource model I get from consuming the source approve
misses the values of the name attributes, however, and return a flat

#<Document:0x10525a408 @attributes={"elements"=>#<Document::Elements:
0x105251240 @attributes={"element"=>["Dragon Stories", "en", "UK"]},
@prefix_options={}>}, @prefix_options={}>

How can I fix this?

Thanks + kind regards,

Found this related issue:

I am still clueless how to best cope with this issue. Thanks in
advance for any support.