activerecord unit tests not cleaning up models

I'm trying to do a patch for Ticket #5369 (

I am working with the 1-2-stable branch. I am trying to add a test
that adds validates_associated to the Reply model and goes for a false
valid?. I discovered that it would only fail properly if I prepended
000 to the name so it would run early in the list of tests. I tracked
down the problem to several tests adding various validations to the
models. These validations are persistant across tests.

Here's what the validations of the Reply model look like during my
test if I run my test at the begininning of the suite:
(rdb:1) pp validations

And here's what they look like if I break in the same test with only
the name modified so it runs in the middle of the pack.
(rdb:1) pp validations

As you can see it has gathered a couple more validations from tests
running in the first half of the suite.

I'm concerned some of the tests might be incorrectly passing as my
test does when I place it in the middle of the pack.

Should the models be reset during the setup phase? Should I make a new
model for my purposes and leave the topic/reply models alone?



I started an issue on this w/ some additional notes and a potential