ActiveRecord find on legacy database having enum columns problem


Im interfacing a PHP app with my rails app and one of the tables im
trying to do a find on has an enum column. So when i run the find, its
adding an extra condition. This is my first time interfacing with a DB
like this so im not quite sure how to remedy my problem

This is my named_scope
named_scope :ads, lambda { |advertiser| { :conditions =>
["advertiser_id = ? && type = ?", advertiser, "advertisement"]}

this is what i get in the terminal

SELECT * FROM `broadcast` WHERE (advertiser_id = '5' && type =
'advertisement') AND ( (`broadcast`.`type` = 'Broadcast' ) )

so its appending the (`broadcast`.`type` = 'Broadcast' ). There is a
type column in the DB that is an enum column.

any help?

The problem is that the column is named 'type'. This is a reserved
word in rails as it used in Single Table Inheritance. If you can
change the name of the column then that should sort it. If you can't
change it then
provides a work around.


Excellent. Thank you for the link. That worked great!