ActiveRecord column "type"

Hi There...

I'm in a bit of a pickle. The thing is that I'm writing an administrative rails application to handle the mysql data for a application(PowerDNS to be exact.) However. The problem is that I 2 tables in there have the column "type" wich of course is a magic column for single table inheritance. I can set in my model the line self.inheritance_column = "nothing" and the script runs. However then of course I start getting ModelName reportend when I try using model.type to get to the type column in the data. Either I have to change the behaviour of .type or map .r_type to the "type" column. I'm unsure which is the best way to go and how to do it.

Found it out. type method is deprecated so it should be safe to remove.

in environments.rb class Object   undef_method :type end

in modelname.rb class Modelname < ActiveRecord::base   set_inheritance_column "nothing" end