ActiveRecord and sequences, a bit of a twist.


I’m very new with Ruby and ActiveRecord.

I’ve got a table in postgres that looks something like

create table test

test_id not null default nextval(‘test_id_seq’)

test_parent int not null

test_name varchar(20) not null

For the parent record: test_parent = test_id.

What’s the best way to handle that situation in ActiveRecord?

It seems like i should do something like:

SEQ = <code to select nextval(‘test_id_seq’)> => SEQ, :test_parent => SEQ, :test_name => ‘woohoo’ );

I’m not sure how to active the <code to select nextval()> portion with ActiveRecord.

I tried:

seq = ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute(“SELECTnextval(‘test_id_seq’)”)

And that seems to be doable, but the PG:Result class is a little weird, so I was hoping there was a better way.



bump. Just want to validate that going this route is the right way to