ActiveRecord and null string in Oracle

When an empty string is stored in Oracle, it is converted to a null.
When I retrieve it with rails, I get a nil object.

I would like to modify my Rails model to return an empty string
instead of
null for that attribute, instead of modifying code in multiple places.
that easily doable? I tried an alias, but that did not work.

Thanks in Advance,
Don Mc

U can use a simple new method to return attribute.to_s (nil.to_s returns a blank string)

I don’t think there is a direct way to read a nil value from the database in an attribute… and then directly expecting the attribute value to be a blank string.

If null doesn’t mean anything to u, U can simply modify the database column to not accept null values and make the default blank string. Not sure if that works with oracle but i would have tried it.

Good luck